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Treyvon Martin, What black people deal with, how some handle it, You don’t address racism by claiming every incident is racist... - Some Black forced to stay silent... - Are you born racist? Brown Eyes vs Blue Eyes - No matter what I KNOW some white people are never going to like me, but I won't lose sleep over it... - Zimmerman is not "the" problem - Humans are screwed up what else is new...

First here is part of a post by Boortz
Treyvon Martin’s family says that they don’t believe that their son would have been killed if it were not for the color of his skin.  I believe they’re right.

Many people, of course, are screaming racism on this one.  That’s understandable.  People scream racism any time there is a negative interaction between a black and a white person.  There is no evidence that I’ve seen here which indicates that Zimmerman harbored a belief in the genetic superiority of one race or another.  Bigotry may be involved however.  Perhaps Zimmerman just doesn’t like black people, though there is not yet any evidence of that.  The more likely scenario here is one of pure prejudice.  George Zimmerman saw a young black male in his neighborhood at night, and immediately pre-judged the situation, coming to the conclusion that Treyvon Martin was up to no good.
There is a tragic lesson here for neighborhood watch groups across the country.  You need to choose carefully the people you want involved in keeping an eye on the goings-on in your neighborhood.  Perhaps I’ve missed this in some story somewhere, but I get the impression that Zimmerman was completely self-appointed.  He may have seeking recognition as some sort of neighborhood hero.  Now I think it’s likely he will end up in jail.
The entire situation, as you would expect, is now being used by various race pimps and organizations to grab a little publicity for themselves while agitating the crowd and muddying the issue.  Foremost among these people is that race-baiting creep from New York City Al Sharpton.  The memory of Treyvon Martin, by all accounts an exemplary young man, is only soiled by the presence of Sharpton.  You remember the Tawana Brawley case, I’m sure.  But do you remember Freddy’s Fashion Mart?  Click on the link to see how some died as a result of Sharpton’s bigoted rhetoric.  And this is the type of guy you want to soil the memory of Treyvon Martin?  And then we have the New Black Panther Party and the New Black Liberation Militia.  They’re going to perform a citizen’s arrest of George Zimmerman.  Now THERE is where the “stand your ground” law would be in effect.
The death of Treyvon Martin was tragic and, I believe, chargeable as second-degree murder.  Let’s see what comes of the Grand Jury session on April 10th.
Old read but relevant... Whitewashing black racism; Shabazz: “Prepare for war” - Michelle Malkin

Folks I’m gonna expound on this race thing since it is obviously the hot topic of the day.

It is not rocket science that being prejudice is a natural condition of being human. We all have inherit likes and dislikes that come from the environment we grow up in as well as our instinctive, natural proclivity. We all have inherited attractions that we enjoy and repulsions that we suffer. Our preferences extend to perceptions of skin color, gender, size, and shape.
Lord help me if I were to find myself trapped in a burning building and helpless I would hope the firefighter (regardless of race and or background) that finds me will carry me out not thinking for a single moment about my skin shade.
Most of you would say that’s common sense, but is it?

A commenter stated: “You've been on the receiving end of some pretty nasty crap and came out a better person in spite of it. Not everyone survives as well as you have.”
People I have no idea how I survived and I would be lying if I said none of the actions I described did not bother me, many did.
I told many that the incident with my former father in law where he cried during a family gathering because he was unhappy that I was marrying his daughter.
It was likely the most humiliating moment of my life. What made the incident more insidious is everyone was consoling him.
Some family members came up to me and said “don’t worry about it” later but I honestly never felt so isolated and alone in all my life. I was in love, we were having a great family Thanksgiving gathering we were hosting and all seemed well. Oops!

I have been the lone Negro in countless situations, parties and various social gatherings, a few work places, numerous meetings, the lone member in countless philanthropic organizations, in churches, in a bar or nightspot and yes you feel the isolation and yes you process the stares and the odd looks as if I had no right to be there.

Folks I’m going to repeat for many black people this is normal in the daily course of our lives.
If you have never seen the following, some of you might remember watching in school the video “Brown eyes and Blue eyes” featuring JaneElliott valuable teaching aid.
Required watching for all white people frankly...

Societal prejudice and perceive isolation is exactly why many blacks choose to live in neighborhoods below their economic status, or would attend a substandard school because they simply would be more comfortable being around other black students.
I had a friend during my first marriage, he and his wife worked at Boeing in Wichita, both made low six figure incomes they could have lived in the most exclusive neighborhoods in Wichita and six figure incomes in the Midwest when you factor the cost of living is even more significant. They choose to live in a very modest home in a predominately black area.       
Many blacks may choose to live in a city that might be higher in crime or have limited economic opportunities but because the black population is more of their comfort level they settle there.

Then there are those like my dad who specifically choose the neighborhood he did (when I was a kid) because it was all white.
He even admitted that he in a way “made it” because he was able to infiltrate that insulated white world. Also his kids will be able see that they do indeed “belong” that you don’t have to segregate yourself out of fear.

So how I survived despite the issues I described below were simply because it was engrained in me that whitey was not better than me. I can live wherever I want, accomplish whatever I desired and my success are purely due to how high I was willing to reach in life. Now he was pragmatic, he did say to me at 8 or 9 years of age would or could whitey throw a speed bump in the road to success, sure. He simply said that in order to succeed you had to be just a little bit better than a white kid. Basically he said while this was not fair, just know that it exists but don’t use it as an excuse.

Now on how we (my brothers and I) conducted ourselves in the world, be polite, respectful, don’t be anyone’s punching bag but by the same token don’t be a fool, understand what battles are worth fighting.
The examples I gave about the police screwing with me, in every instance I never said a word, never talked back nor questioned.
Frankly in just about every instance of being dissed by some random white person I found it a little fascinating and perplexing at the same time.

Something else my father said and I have mentioned this before was key. He said basically that “you may be the first contact many white people have with any black people. How they treat you is not an indication of what they think of you but how they perceive all blacks based on past experiences or perception from afar.”
In essence people some of us black folks are societal test drones. The only black in a workplace, classroom, and neighborhood, after all were are only 13 percent of the population.
When I entered the Air Force many said that they had never been around any black people, never had any black friends, schoolmates or co-workers. So my dad prepped me well with those words.

In my office I am one of only two blacks however the other co-worker is rarely in the office at certain times of the year. I am treated differently; I’m not talked to as much people treat me differently. Are they being racist, no but this is no different than how I was treated by former family members especially when I would attend big family events. I was never treated like a loved family member except by a few people, I was treated like an acquaintance, welcomed by not embraced wholeheartedly. Were these people being racist, can’t answer that.

Again people I know the majority of people who read this blog are indeed white so I’m trying to give you and honest perspective from a guy who does NOT harbor animosity towards the entire white race. Why did some random black lady give you the evil eye or voiced displeasure with you out of something totally random or innocuous?
Why some black people are insolent, abrasive, and aloof? Why some are quick to blame whitey? Why some vote Democrat? And on the flip side, what stokes the racial animosity of people like Zimmerman?                  
Now after all of that, I am indeed prejudice hell we all are to a certain degree, however, I don’t allow my prejudice to overwhelm my ability to make rational decisions. My prejudice doesn’t entice me to hinder another gender, skin color, belief system, sexual orientation, or anyone else from having the ability to exist comfortably and equitably.

In a perfect world with an equal distribution of wealth, land, property, housing, government, the ability to generate income, educational resources, media production, media outlets, and other valuable resources that have become virtually inescapable because they are so interwoven into our lives, the ability of one culture to dominate, control, or manipulate another would be mitigated by each culture’s ability to provide for itself. But we don’t live in that world. Some like me choose to adapt while others fight a lifelong war to in essence to demand that equity.

One thing that is not talked about my race pimps and those who only seek to cast aspersions on others and not take responsibility for their actions ignore the fact that the very rawest racial conflicts in present-day America don’t even fit into the tidy mold of white majority oppressing only black folks that race pimps constantly promote. Though civil rights groups and most of the media studiously ignore this fact, the nation’s most fractious racial battles are now conflicts between minority populations.
I said yesterday I grew up with Mexicans for the most part hating blacks; most Asians don’t like blacks and vice-versa, and Africans who immigrated to America don’t particularly like “African-Americans” in fact many of you whites might be shocked to find that Africans think American blacks are inherently weak and inferior and don’t like blacks any better than many white folks do.
They are appalled by American blacks lack of emphasis on education, their ghetto culture and many are not sympathetic to the constant whining and blaming of whitey any more than any white racist would be.     

Folks in addition while growing up in California I witnessed some serious and horrific animosity directed at Asian kids. Hell black people call all Asians “Chinese” totally oblivious of the simple and obvious fact that not all Asians come from China.
In poor neighborhoods across this country Asians endure constant racial hatred because while black folks refuse to invest in a positive manner in their neighborhoods Asians move in a start businesses which angers blacks. This is why you have the constant battles between Asians store owners and black patrons. If you have never seen Spike Lee’s “Do The Right Thing.” rent it and you will understand. Just substitute an Asian convenience store owner with an Italian Pizza diner owner.       

The problem today with this Treyvon Martin and Zimmerman issue it is being used to rule out even the possibility of black racism and the celebration of black ghetto cultures negative influence on American society.
Activists like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson intone that racism equals “prejudice plus power,” and that since blacks in America lack power, they are simply not capable of practicing racism against anyone.
While we might be outraged by this incident, of course we should ALL OF US should… but this crap goes on all the time all over this nation and we never address the source of the problem.
Most angrily insists that racism is something suffered, not dished out, by blacks. Many black professors, writers, polemicists, and politicians repeat the same mantra. What might appear to be black racism actually boils down not to racism but to acts of crime and rudeness from the perpetrators and tough luck for the recipients.
Calling a Middle Eastern person a “towel head” or anyone of Asian descent a “chink” a Mexican a “wetback” ultimately, their arguments simply grease the skids for further traumatizing of “unlucky” victims. And to real-life casualties of racial animosity, motivation is not especially relevant.
Rationalizes of black racism ignore the fact that identical actions inflicted by whites would be universally decried as intolerable.  When we ignore the results are tragic because loss is loss, pain is pain and young innocent kids like Treyvon are caught up in the societal crossfire.

Remember I am the Uncle Tom when processing this last part:
The problem many blacks have is most don’t, won’t or can’t speak out against our own because to do so is sacrilege. While some choose to stay amongst their own kind out of comfort and security there are those that wish to get out of crime infested neighborhoods but are trapped by economic circumstances.
Detroit is likely the best example. Detroit in 1950 had 1,800,000 people and the highest per-capita income in the United States. Bad government and eventually high crime destroyed the city.
Detroit now has fewer than 800,000 people, over half their housing stock is unneeded, and they're 67th in per-capita income.
Virtually every major American city run by a liberal black individual suffers from runaway crime. Most black elected officials come from cities, towns, districts that are above their area average in crime, lower job opportunities and substandard educational standards. Zimmermann is hardly the source of the problem no matter how theatrical the outrage gets.
Black ignore the following:  Feds: 49% Of Murder Victims Are Black Men

and "most of the black murder victims — 93 percent — were killed by other black people."

The thing that bothers me is why black people don’t get more outraged and take to the streets when a random young black man is killed by another young black man?
I am far more likely to be killed by another black man than I am some random white guy.
I have had two family member killed by other blacks.
My brother was mugged and almost killed after a robbery by a black man.
My father was mugged and almost killed by several black men who robbed him.
I’ve had two friends (black) killed by other black men.
Now while these folks are calling for Zimmerman’s head and rightly so, the next time you turn on the news and a black man is murdered and you see that the perpetrator of the crime was also indeed black will you see the same outage? If not ask yourself why?


Just a conservative girl said...

Zimmerman and his family are going out of their way to make sure everyone knows that the media is incorrectly calling him white, his is Hispanic.

It is interesting to see that they are doing that.

You have more of a feel of black/hispanic relations than I do, but is it because of hate crime legislation? Or do they just think he less likely to be called a racist if he is Hispanic instead of white?

Anonymous said...

I've noticed how a Hispanic suddenly becomes white when A)He's light skinned and B)Committed violence against a black. Once the furor dies down then the Hispanic resumes his former status as a Hispanic. This effort is mostly seen in the news media. The presto-chango might be funnier if it usually didn't accompany a murder. IMHO it provides race baiting ammunition to the blacks looking to justify their own racial hatred as 'just another indication that whitey is holding us down.' It serves no one any good to do that least of all the innocents caught up in revenge violence.

As to why blacks don't show the same concern when there is black on black violence, I think it is regarded as the cost of doing life while black. A person gets killed in a car accident. There is a grieving of friends and family, but little societal outrage. Might be the same thing when a black kills another black. Don't know, but you might have a point for a doctoral thesis researching that. How to restore societal outrage? Don't know that either. Seen the bit of snitches=stitches seems like that aids and abets only the criminal element in a black community. Remember seeing that movie Brother from Another Planet and remember his response to dealing with the drug dealers. Hollywood is fantasy land, but we all wish for a peaceful existence.

While others may deride you as being an Uncle Tom, I sure as hell don't. Got to run.

beercan43 said...

I truly thank you for your wisdom and the truthful comments !

Anonymous said...

Not all problems encountered are due to race. Many whites are isolated in a group of whites.. because of how they act and treat people. Friendly kind honest people exist in all races, and generally fit in with any group of friendly kind honest people. Just curious, do you have a group of black friends to hang out with? Sounds like you need that.

Anonymous said...

Now while these folks are calling for Zimmerman’s head and rightly so, the next time you turn on the news and a black man is murdered and you see that the perpetrator of the crime was also indeed black will you see the same outage? If not ask yourself why?

No, not for a femtosecond will you see the same outrage. Friends and family will grieve. What should be an outpouring of righteous rage by the community, blacks and whites, gets written off as being typical behavior.

Black on white violence gets swept under the rug. Can't be scaring the sheep as they might stampede in their haste to get away from the perpetrator.

White on black violence? That is different as the news media, race pimps, DWL, etc use that to show that nothing has really changed and whitey is still the murdering thug towards blacks that he's always been while ignoring the disparity in crime numbers.

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

"Friendly kind honest people exist in all races, and generally fit in with any group of friendly kind honest people. Just curious, do you have a group of black friends to hang out with? Sounds like you need that."

Sorry for the delay in replying folks been busy.
A couple of things...

on the question above, I don't have any black folks that I hang around with on a regular basis.
Not since my very close friends via the Air Force have I been around many blacks or minorities for that matter that I cared to associate with on a regular basis.
I will be honest, I don't now nor have I ever cared what color people were, I don't choose my friends that way never have never will. I don't even choose women that way. One issues that many people don't consider is where you live and where you work plays a big part in meeting people and forming friendships.
I'm rarely around any people of color and I don't work around any. Now if I were to move to a more metropolitian area more diverse that might make a difference. But here in the Midwest meeting more educated people of color is difficult this is why some black people particularly black men seemingly isolate themselves. We don't do this on purpose or because we only want to hang around white people.
That is why I loved the military you could meet and hang with a diverse crowd but also had people you had something with, education, economic, family, hobbies.
If I live in NYC or LA I would or could meet a more professional or educated black person. I'm not going to be trolling the hoods in the midwest just to seek out black folks.

As far as Hispanic folks being called white, black people basically regard anyone that is not black as white.
To most black folks it is black folks and everyone else. Your race pimps prefer it that way, it is all about seperating the races.

JeremyR said...

Hi Gaius, from the evidence I have seen, Trevon was on top of Zimmerman when he was shot. Considering that Miami Gardens is a predominantly black community, I do not expect he was targeted because of his race. Trevon was supposedly grounded when he slipped out for skittles. He was grounded because he had been suspended from school, not for excessive tardiness as has been reported in the media, but, according to his father, suuspended for being in a restricted area on school grounds. That tosses a flag for me. Doesn't make him a bad kid though. His actions, walking slow, looking arround like he was searching for something, in the rain at night. It may very well be that his behavior was because he was busy talking with his girl, or he may have been on the look out for dear old dad, which is what I believe. He was noticed by Zimmerman, and he noticed that Zimmerman was following him. At some point, he managed to confront and tackle Zimmerman. Lets be real, he is an athletic seventeen year old, and knew how to gain the upper hand in a fight. When I was that age, I was his build, and could take down with ease men as big as Zimmerman. Unfortunately for him, a fist fight turned into a gunfight. If Zimmerman is prosecuted, it will be because of the race baiting poverty pimps, not evidence. Given that the community is 70% black, I doubt he can get a fair trial there, and I doubt they would accept any verdict but guilty.
I believe it is tragic. It appears he is one kid who was determined to break the racial steriotype and become a successful man.
As I look at both sides, I cannot see how I would have acted diffrently in either case. I, like Martin, would have gone after the guy following me to prevent him from following me to my home.

Anonymous said...

OK, If the news had it right...
Zim has a problem....

A. Dispatcher, we don't need you to follow him.

B. He decided to get out of his car and not wait for the police.


Anonymous said...

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

Some of the additional evidence that is coming out is exactly why I don’t rush to judgment when it comes to issues like this.
Yes Zimmerman should have kept his ass in the car to wait for the police BUT as another commenter said in a community where a pretty fair percentage of the population was indeed black Martin would not have been scared of Zimmerman in addition if Martin was scared dude would have called some of his boys to come to his rescue.
But I will say honestly the faux outrage from race pimps is nauseating and as a black man frankly embarrassing. Did Martin have to die, no but again this gets to my other post as I highlighted some of the things that happened to me. In EVERY INCIDENT I did not pitch a bitch, I did not talk back, I did not try to play some tough role, I kept my fucking mouth shut, I remained calm, I kept track of everything from my surroundings to people in eyeshot.
So here we have all this faux outrage for what? To me this is kind of like a woman claiming rape when she was not raped it does injustice to true victims of crimes.
I will repeat what I have said since I had this blog and even back when I had my old Political Party Poop blog, black people will present this unified front and bitch about how the white criminal justice system is fucked up, the truth and details don’t matter it is about getting one over on whitey for all the prior injustices actual and perceived, kinda like OJ Simpson, black people did not celebrate his acquittal because they thought OJ was innocent, they celebrated because a black man got one over on whitey.

Anonymous said... people did not celebrate his acquittal because they thought OJ was innocent, they celebrated because a black man got one over on whitey.

Speaking the truth again. Richard Prior once said that if he wasn't funny people would have strung him up for what he said. The court jesters got by with a lot of stuff as long as they kept 'em laughing.

Not much outrage from anyone when OJ was arrested, tried, and convicted the second time around. He should have just kept playing golf.

Anonymous said...

He got what he desurved, attack me and I would have done the same. No f ing race involved, I'm protecting my own and any person thinks they can take that is done for. It's sick how race has taken over this issue, its assault. Crime. And ultimately the parents who failed in providing him with a positive upbringing and unfortunately his actions cost his life. Stop blaming shit on the whites and make every person responsible for their own actions not their race. The civil war is over