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You Have to Hear This Mich. $1M Lottery Winner Defend Why She’s Still on Food Stamps

Folks I was in an unusually good mood when I got to work and for me that is saying something. I’m relaxing, getting settled in having my first cup of hot chocolate, I do my initial browsing on Drudge to scan the vote results from yesterday. I read a comment I received (comments are rare to have to check out) I then turn on Boortz and after a few minutes he starts talking about this fucking idiot, retarded, ignorant ass fuck. Wow was the comment timely.

 I think because what has been going on in this country recently (and I’m sorry for repeating again) this exceedingly doom and gloom outlook I have for America this story bugged the shit out of me after reading and watching the news segment. I just stared out of my window in stunned disbelief. Folks I know this is not a first, I truly know that people have been scamming the government forever and there are countless examples of folks with lots of money and still collecting welfare and countless examples of corporate welfare I get it, I swear I do, but sometimes certain stories catch you at the right moment in time that just bug the shit out of you and this is one of those stories.

 I remember back when that crazy bitch Susan Smith drowned her boys in that lake and I had bad dreams about that for weeks in fact I printed out a picture of the boys and framed it and kept it in the house. I had no connection to them and yes they were two white kids but at that moment in time they represented all kids regardless of color who were being raised by fucked up parents.

Today this story is like that, this bitch symbolizes what an Obama presidency has meant to this country. I wish I still had access to my old blog stuff I said before this man was elected that if Obama were elected he would drag this country to the depths of misery and despair that we were not like to every recover from. I’m not saying this this bitches stupidity, selfishness and colossal lack of common sense is his fault exactly, but when you factor the euphoria of those who touted that they would not have to worry about paying for their gas or their mortgage after Obama’s election, corporations holding their collective hands out as Obama showered folks with stimulus monies, and the idiot Fluke wanting taxpayers to subsidize her fucking activities this woman is just more of what this country is evolving into.

Before I heard the Boortz piece below is a comment I received. I don’t receive many comments… I have been told that my blog is far to vitriolic and I seem to be “angry” all the time, others say that they can’t bookmark because of the title… yes I know if a white person were to bookmark this blog name in their browser oh my god they could lose their job…believe me I totally understand.

Sometimes comments whether they are from people who agree or disagree with you can be positive. If someone can convince me that this erosion of America is temporary after reading and watching this story on the news site please feel free to convince me. In the meantime I’m going to play the lottery myself because I really need that island getaway right about now.

Lottery winner still using Michigan Bridge card

A million bucks isn't enough for some

According to a study, 25 percent of Michigan households receive food assistance—hardly a surprising figure considering today's economic picture. What is surprising, however, is that one of those homes is home to a millionaire.
This fall, 24-year-old Amanda Clayton won $1 million from the Michigan State Lottery. Sure, someone else getting handed a huge check might make some a little jealous, but many were outraged at Clayton's winnings, as she was still using a Bridge card.
"People are about to lose their unemployment and these welfare recipients are spending our tax dollars foolishly," an upset tax payer wrote to Local 4. "Please do a story on lottery winners on welfare."
You can watch the high-quality video of the confrontation here,

Local 4 tracked Clayton down to her Lincoln Park home where cameras spotted her and a U-Haul truck, getting ready to move into a new house—that she paid for in cash—now that she has struck it rich. She also bought a new car.

These purchases are nothing out of the ordinary for someone who just won the lottery, however hidden cameras followed Clayton grocery shopping, where she admitted she uses a Bridge card to pay for her items. She said she gets $200 each month, from taxpayers, to foot her food bill.
When confronted, Clayton said she didn't think she was doing anything wrong.
"I thought that they would cut me off, but since they didn't, I thought maybe it was okay because I'm not working," she said.

She said she didn't actually get the full million, because after she took a lump sum, the total dropped down to $700,000. After taxes, it was just more than half a million, Clayton said.
Even still, Clayton said she thinks she still has a right to the $200 a month in state funds.
"I feel that it's okay because I mean, I have no income and I have bills to pay," she said. "I have two houses."
Needless to say, many taxpayers were quite upset with the situation. The Local 4 Defenders went to Ida Township to speak to Rep. Dale Zorn, who is pushing a bill to stop lottery winners from continuing to cash in on food assistance.

"Public assistance should be given to those in need of public assistance, not those that have found riches," Zorn said.

The bill has already passed the House, and Zorn is hoping it will pass the Senate soon.
"We need to have the lottery commission notify the state so that state can cross check those who are on assistance," Zorn said.

There are two different bills—one in the House, another in the Senate that have each passed which would require lottery winners of prizes of $1,000 or more to have their names cross checked with the Department of Human Services. If someone wins big, their food assistance would then be stopped.
Unless the law changes, it doesn't look like lottery winners will be changing their ways. Clayton said she will keep using her Bridge card until the state cuts her off. She said it's because she deserves it.
"It's just hard, you know. I'm struggling," she said.
Story also on The Blaze 

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and the Daily Mail
What I find fascinating about this blog is that on an individual level someone (you) is able to describe much of the things I feel as well, including the same amount of rage that as a person I have to deal with just by looking at the things that are happening around me. Just like you, I do feel most of the time desiring to “quit everything pack a few things and head to some remote island” and escape from human stupidly, but probably like you, I realized that it’s technically impossible as it is only the illusion that the grass is greener on the other side. I go as far as to think that there is not a plausible solution there for the problems this country is facing unless there is dramatic return to the old American values starting by rescuing the people’s lost common sense. Some are estimating that less than half (like 54%) of people are not paying federal income tax, therefore less than half of the country is paying for the other half, but many of those (regardless of the reasons) taking but not making a contribution to society are still not happy as they want more entitlements and more freebies from the government, like the case of madam Fluke, et all. Where does this end? I love America and the American people and I will always be grateful to the US as I owed my freedom to this country, but this country and a great number of its population is changing so fast for the worse into something very different than the place I used to know. That is why thanks to people like you I have not lost my faith, not yet.
Thank you and Best Regards.
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Older School said...

Don't you feel so sorry for her? I mean, after all, she has 2 houses and no income. I really hope they make her pay it back.

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

She needs to go to jail frankly but may just be my outrage talking. Pay it back, fine her and make her do some community service.