Sunday, April 29, 2012

Explains it all...


Anonymous said...

The big question is why others either can't or won't see these facts, modify their beliefs and continue on.

On the first item white liberals and many blacks say "Those democrats then are today's republicans." How would you counter that?

On the second item white liberals and blacks often say "That is a lie by rethuglicans to limit abortion." How would you counter that?

On point three? Clarence Thomas was declared along with Condi Rice as being 'an unauthentic black'. Who decides on who is an 'authentic' black? Obamba, since he was raised by a white mother and her parents he shares more in common with whites than he does blacks. How is he considered to be 'authentic' (whatever the hell that is)?

Point four. We all either stand or fail on our merits. Anything else is demeaning.

Work hard, learn hard when you are young and life will be easier on you when older.

Second amendment. Protection for all.

Uncle Tom was a hero.

Anonymous said...

This man understands and speaks the truth with you Gaius.