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Wikileaks – Democratic Voter Fraud Won Pennsylvania and Ohio in 2008 - Parents: Destroying America One Kid At A Time - College students demand “debt-free degrees” on “Trillion Dollar Day” - Shocking! Welfare At All-Time High Under Obama - Playing Tag and Sexual Assault - There is no war on women It’s boys who are in trouble - Obama's TSA Targets Disabled Girl - Obama TSA agents at Wichita airport treated daughter, 4, like a terrorist - Parents Wire Kids To Prove Teachers’ Verbal Abuse - Will the Media Carry Obama to Victory in November? - Obama's Fallon Appearance (Maybe) Violated Campaign Law

Parents sue school district over cheating policy - SF Gate 
The parents of a Northern California high school sophomore are suing the school district for kicking the teenager out of an honors class because he cheated. When he started classes at Sequoia High School in Redwood City, the boy signed an Academy Honesty Pledge warning him that cheating is grounds for immediate removal from the advanced-level English class. The Palo Alto Daily News says the teen was tossed from the class for copying another student's homework. Jack Berghouse and his wife filed a lawsuit last week against the school district claiming their son's due process rights were violated. The suit says the school's policies regarding punishment for cheating are vague and contradictory and shouldn't be enforced. 

College students demand “debt-free degrees” on “Trillion Dollar Day”
NEW YORK (Reuters) - College students held demonstrations in several U.S. cities on Wednesday to mark the day total U.S. student loan debt was expected to reach $1 trillion, with some burning student loan documents and others demanding a right to "debt-free degrees." The demonstrations for "One Trillion Dollar Day" come as President Barack Obama was visiting colleges to push Congress to extend the low interest rates on college loans to more than 7.4 million students. If lawmakers fail to act, rates on the loans will double on July 1 to 6.8 percent. Describing his own struggle to pay off college debt, Obama appeared at the University of Iowa at Iowa City on Wednesday to talk to students about his campaign to make education more affordable.

Ok I’m sorry that I am such a pessimistic fuck but this college tuition bailout bullshit Obama and Romney is peddling is irritating the shit out of me.
I’m going to keep screaming this college is the biggest fucking rip-off in our society.
I just bouncing something in my head here. Politicians especially liberals are always bitching and complaining about big oil and how they artificially jack up the price of gas.
People bitch about the price of food, high energy costs the price of beer ever damn thing in our society so why the hell don’t the people of America start bitching about the high price of higher education.

I don’t give a fuck what anyone says, college education costs what about $30,000 a year or so, that is stupid that is absolutely ridiculous talk about needing an investigation on price gouging.

Let me be blunt, I work around college kids and while the majority I work around are decent kids the far too many are just fucking clueless and are clearly not ready to enter the real world.

Won’t take my word for it, take the time to drive and visit a campus near you and just watch and observe most of these kids are on a 4 year vacation. Girls strut around in tight ass shorts parading from building to building, most students are either plugged into an iPod, texting or talking on the phone. Listen too many of them carry on a conversation and you would swear you were listening to a junior high student.

Society has been seriously brainwashed into placing some intrinsic high value on getting a degree.
College campuses are businesses and most truly don’t give a shit about actually preparing a student for a real job environment.
Take the SAT’s for example most colleges are rated as being of high quality or low quality based upon a number that entering freshmen have plastered on their foreheads prior to ever stepping foot on a campus.
The SAT tells colleges more about the social class of test takers, particularly parental wealth and education, than how well a student will actually perform in college. Admissions tests add little to the prediction of college grades beyond what admissions officers already know from a students' actual performance in high school classrooms.
Colleges make their choice based on pedigree and social status so they can jack up tuition costs. The majority of students completely waste their time talking all kinds of meaningless courses and obtaining completely worthless degrees that would not even get you an interview at a Quick Trip because you actually have to be smart and on your toes to work at one.
I tried on three occasions to hire internes to work for me and I just gave up because most of the kids I encounter have virtually no work skills or any semblance of workplace instincts, virtually all NEED to be told what to do all the damn time. Parents, grade schools, colleges clearly are failing these kids and these crazy bastards want us the taxpayers to subsidize this failing lunacy!?

As for these students running up monumental debts ok these kids are supposed to be the best and brightest but you mean to tell me neither they or their parents can process the simple logic that if you run up over $200,000 of college debt it will take about half your work life to pay that back?
The median household income in the US was about $50,000, College seniors who graduated in 2010 carried an average of $25,250 in student loan debt. Meanwhile, unemployment for recent college graduates climbed from 8.7% in 2009 to 9.1% in 2010 the highest annual rate on record for college graduates aged 20 to 24.

So I say again we have two presidential candidates asking the taxpayers to essentially subsidize a student loan bailout while completely ignoring the fact that the majority of these students are pissing away their time and money obtaining worthless degrees and ignoring the fact that the cost of a college education (books, tuition, room and board ect)  is grossly overpriced.
If your kid is not in school trying to obtain a degree worth a shit, Law (as my dear ex-wife explained translates to just about anything business/real estate ect), Health (physicians, nurses, techs) and health sciences, developmental sciences or some sort of engineering a degree  pick a field they your kid is pissing away money needlessly.

If you kid is toiling away trying to obtain a useless degrees like journalism, fashion, art, theatre, literature, English…. seriously people really!?
Is common fucking sense just lost on society or what?   

 Boehner: Student loan bailout would divert $6 billion from Medicare
  Toddler Falls From Window, Parents Plead Guilty To Child Neglect - News One 
 The parents of a two-year-old child pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges of fourth-degree child neglect after their son was left alone and fell from a two-story window reports the Detroit Free Press.
The incident occurred last Sunday, when Matthew McIntosh (pictured left), 21, and Mattie McCann (pictured right), 22, left their little boy unattended in their Pontiac, Michigan apartment.  According to police deputies, McIntosh told them that he had to accompany McCann to first buy some cigarettes, then escort her to her job at a residential group home.

 The child somehow climbed out of the apartment window at around 2:45 am and fell to the ground.  Only wearing a diaper, the little boy managed to walk over to a neighbor’s house and knock on the door.  The child, who miraculously did not sustain any life-threatening injuries did however have several abrasions and was immediately taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

 Attack on girl, 7, by 5th-grader caught on video - USA Today
BRANDYWINE, Del. -- A 7-year-old girl returned to Forwood Elementary School on Wednesday, three days she was pummeled by a fifth-grade student in an attack on their school bus, an incident caught on video on another student's cell phone.

 A 6-year-old accused of sexual assault for touching another kid on the upper leg during tag?

Victim’s Sister Claims Brutal Mobile Beating Was Sparked by Neighborhood Theft - Gateway Pundit

 Matthew Owens’ sister told the DC on Wednesday that the attack on her brother was sparked by theft and not a basketball game. Police say at least three neighbors participated in the vicious beating.
Terry Rawls is seen above was arrested in the beating of Matthew Owens 4 days earlier.
The Daily Caller reported...

There is no war on women - It’s boys who are in trouble 

Boys are falling behind in school.

Most Presidents try to keep their children out of the public debate, but in this case, Obama made an exception: “As a father, one of the highlights of my day is asking my daughters about theirs. Their hopes and their futures are what drive me every day I step into the Oval Office.”

Obama, of all people, knows that boys, not girls (especially his two daughters attending the elite Sidwell Friends School) are the ones in trouble. There is no way he is unaware of the alarming social indicators we see among African-American males.

But we should not be surprised by the President’s opportunism. Obama won the White House with 8 million more female votes than male votes. If he can’t re-create that same gender vote cushion, he’s toast.
As for Romney, his latest push is to claim most of the jobs lost during the Obama years were female-held positions. So? Not only is workforce participation by females pushing all-time highs, but the striking number of well-educated females hovering just outside the labor market means that number may go even higher.
By contrast, male employment rates among those 25-and-older have been in steady decline.

Again, a politician has his reasons for glossing over the more important gender trends. Romney’s numbers among female voters look abysmal, especially among college-educated white women.
Here’s why we need politicians to get past the pandering and posturing and propose solutions for the group truly in trouble: Boys account for three out of every five high school students who drop out of school. Boys make up 67% of the 5.8 million kids relegated to special education programs. The likelihood of any boy in special education graduating by age 21 is bleak.

 Family Misses Flight After Obama TSA Targets Disabled Girl 
 It’s an Obama world.
A New York family missed their flight to Florida after TSA aggressively screened their 7 year-old disabled daughter.
Mom: TSA agents at Wichita airport treated daughter, 4, like a terrorist

 Parents Wire Kids To Prove Teachers’ Verbal Abuse - News One 
CHERRY HILL, N.J. — Teachers hurled insults like “bastard,” “tard,” “damn dumb” and “a hippo in a ballerina suit.” A bus driver threatened to slap one child, while a bus monitor told another, “Shut up, you little dog.”
 They were all special needs students, and their parents all learned about the verbal abuse the same way – by planting audio recorders on them before sending them off to school.


 How nutty can politicians get - Boortz
 First .. you do know that the Senate has passed a bill for an $11 Billion bailout of the union-dominated post office, don’t you?  Union dominated?  Sure!  You don’t think the Democrat controlled Senate would get this attention from the Democrat Senate if employees weren’t unionized, do you?
 if the House goes along with this we will piss away another $11 Billion that we don’t have on the inefficient and union dominated post office – all without any improvements.

Now … nutty politicians.

We have a Democrat (naturally) Senator from Delaware who has the solution here.  Windmills.  That’s right --- windmills.  Senator Tom Carper wants electricity generating windmills up and down the Atlantic coast.  The electricity generated by these windmills would be stored.  Stored where?  Stored in batteries of post office vehicles.  This way the post office would save money on gas and wouldn’t have to be bailed out by borrowed funds our children and grandchildren would have to pay back.
Yeah.  Makes perfect sense to me.
 Wikileaks – Democratic Voter Fraud Won Pennsylvania and Ohio in 2008
Wikileaks hacked Stratfor, the private intelligence gathering firm in Texas. Emails they uncovered claim they presented proof positive to John McCain that Democrats in Pennsylvania and Ohio used voter fraud to win those states and committed other disturbing crimes. McCain refused to act on the information.

 Will the Media Carry Obama to Victory in November? - AIM
In a recent interview with Accuracy in Media, Richard Benedetto, a retired White House correspondent and columnist for USA Today, said that “the media have been a huge factor in President Obama maintaining the job approval rating that is not at 50%, but just a little bit below.  I think he works very hard at courting that,” said Benedetto. “He knows how the media cover him. He takes full advantage of it. He makes sure that he’s out there all the time—and that’s part of the game.”
Benedetto was part of the White House press corps from Presidents Reagan through George W. Bush, and covered every presidential campaign over that period since 1984, and every national political convention since 1972.

 Benedetto describes the media today as being “so far to the Left that if you just try to be fair, and say, to do a certain thing, ‘Let’s be fair, let’s cover this fairly,’ or ‘Let’s analyze this objectively,’ you run the risk of being accused of being a Right-winger.”
Via Instapundit:

A REMINDER TO THE ROMNEY CAMPAIGN: Don’t trust the press. Not even the photographers.

 CHANGE: Liberal Media Mock Obama for Faux Campaign. “High-profile Washington reporters engaged in a line of questioning on Twitter today that seems to indicate that even staunch supporters of the president think that the use of taxpayer funds for campaign trips is getting out of hand.”

Obama's Fallon Appearance Violated Campaign Law - Breitbart
 ...aside from the fact that this was possibly the worst “comedy” segment in the history of mankind: it violated campaign finance law.
The equal time rule states that if a licensee permits a person “who is a legally qualified candidate for any public office to use a broadcasting station, he shall afford equal opportunities to all other such candidates for that office in the use of such broadcasting station.”

There are exceptions to the rule: appearances on (1) a bona fide newscast, (2) a bona fide news interview, (3) a bona fide news documentary, or (4) on-the-spot coverage of bona fide news events.

Only the second provision could be construed as saving NBC from giving Mitt Romney equal time. But this was not a bona fide news interview. In fact, it wasn’t an interview at all – no questions were asked, no answers were given. It was literally Obama reading a campaign speech over a guitar, a horn, a keyboard, and some drums.

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