Monday, April 16, 2012

“This 2012 Obama is strident and mean, even deceitful, divisive” - Obama Sends Millions of US Dollars to Kenya – Where His Socialist “Cousin” Is Prime Minister - Healthcare Death Panels Are Inevitable - Why America is Devolving Towards Absolute Government Control - ICE Officials Begin Process to Deport Obama’s Illegal Drunk-Driving Uncle Omar - Official Obama Twitter Account Caught Following Semi-Erotic Website

“This 2012 Obama is strident and mean, even deceitful, divisive” - Wizbang
 Andrew Malcolm is wondering what happened to the 2008 Obama:
Has anyone seen Barack Obama recently?
You know, the optimistic hopeful fellow with the charming smile who promised so many positive things four and five years ago, how he was going to change the harsh, partisan tone of our nation’s capital and bring the country together as its first African American president. Even allowing for political hyperbole, his empty resume and the invisible witnesses from the past, Obama was such a Real Good Talker that even some who didn’t vote for him still had hope that he could change some things for the better in what seemed a sadly-splintered society. WTH did that Obama go? Have you listened recently to this Chicago Doppelganger who’s replaced him? This 2012 Obama is strident and mean, even deceitful, divisive, telling half-truths after half-truths. He’s using Air Force One as his personal Brinks truck with wings to collect cash all over the country, disguising the trips as official.


Healthcare Death Panels Are Inevitable 

Will the Supreme Court Let the Death Panel Stand? - The American Spectator 
Unless Obamacare is struck down in its entirety, IPAB will remain. With the possible exception of the individual mandate, the most pernicious contrivance of Obamacare is the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), the fifteen-member committee whose purpose is to ration health care to seniors by manipulating Medicare payment rates. Before the advent of Obamacare, only Congress had the power to make changes to Medicare's reimbursement scheme. Now, unless the Supreme Court strikes down the "reform" law in its entirety, that power will be transferred to the unaccountable political appointees of IPAB. The members of this death panel, as it has been appropriately dubbed, will be able to meddle with the fiscal machinery of Medicare without having to worry about the ire of the pesky electorate. IPAB is, for all intents and purposes, impossible to repeal.

 Kenya Sees Spike in Obama Administration-Funded Projects - US Aid and Trade Monitor
Kenyan businesses lately are increasingly becoming recipients of U.S. government largesse, as the Obama Administration, among pursuing other endeavors, aims to expand "livestock-related economic opportunities" in that nation. Although this and other recently released presolicitation notices for unrelated programs serve as advance alerts to potential vendors—and therefore do not offer cost estimates and other details— a review of U.S. government contracting actions nonetheless indicates a spike of activity in Kenya in a variety of sectors.
The White House is committing to a five-year effort to "improve the inclusiveness and competitiveness" of the livestock industry specifically in Marsabit and Garissa counties, Kenya, according to a presolicitation notice released April 12 that U.S. Trade and Aid Monitor located via routine database research.

Shocker… Obama Sends Millions of US Dollars to Kenya – Where His Socialist “Cousin” Is Prime Minister

 Why America is Devolving Towards Absolute Government Control - Canada Free Press
 The relentless encroachment of socialism upon America’s economic, cultural and governmental landscape is like a bad dream to most red-blooded Americans. When society changes it can seem like the ineluctable drift of evolution or chance. But in the case of America’s ongoing continued expansion of government powers, spiking taxes, and shrinking military, it’s all part of a planned elitist push into socialism. And one need not believe in secret conspiracies when contemplating this shift. In fact, for those paying attention, it was all outlined long ago by the Fabian Socialist society, and other groups such as the Frankfurt School...

ICE Officials Begin Process to Deport Obama’s Illegal Drunk-Driving Uncle Omar

Man Arrested in Brutal Racial Beating and Robbery in Baltimore - Gateway Pundit
This past weekend one of the attackers was arrested in connection with the brutal beating of a tourist in Baltimore after viral video of the incident showed his alleged involvement.
According to The Blaze Aaron Jacob Parsons surrendered to Baltimore police Friday after he was linked to the brutal videotaped beating of a tourist last month.
Does Obama have the foggiest idea how jobs are created in America? There’s not much evidence he does, beyond lip service to the helpfulness of the private sector.

Joe Biden says paying higher taxes is patriotic. He must have forgotten that America was founded on a tax revolt.

Your tax dollars at work … $205,075 to move a bush?

Look who's really guilty in Trayvon Martin case
Official Obama Twitter Account Caught Following Semi-Erotic Website - The Blaze
 President Barack Obama follows more than 679,000 profiles on Twitter and admittedly doesn’t run the day-to-day operations of the account. Still, one would assume semi-erotic websites would not meet the requirements for who is acceptable for the commander-in-chief to “follow.” But over the weekend it was revealed the president’s account was a follower of a not-so-innocent website.
 Interview with Deneen Borelli—Author of Blacklash - AIM
 In a recent interview with Accuracy in Media, author and political activist Deneen Borelli called Al Sharpton an “ambulance chaser,” citing the Tawana Brawley case. Borelli is the author of the new book Blacklash: How Obama and the Left are Driving Americans to the Government Plantation. In the book, Borelli exposes the Left’s attempt to silence black conservatives who are battling against the Obama administration’s goal of expanding the government and increasing the number of people dependent on the welfare state.


Anonymous said...

This blog has generated a good bit of interest both locally in the Charleston, Sc area and also on a national level. It's literally gone viral.

Some of the local newspapers gave their predictable, liberal, slanted reviews and commentaries.
Click this link
and then follow the links within it.
This website has developed quite a following. All the information obtained to pen their blog is all public and violates no laws. If the morons want to put it out there on Facebook for the world to see, then the world should read it.
I see no racism, only facts.
Why is it always about race?

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

Thanks for the link. Personally I think Facebook is the perfect place to out these idiots.
Facebook is the perfect tool to reel in degenerates.
When you are stupid and bored and in need of attention the dumbest in our society will out themselves because common sense is certainly not prevalent in the minds of your average common criminal, gansta, gang banger because it is all about the attention.
Why do some of these idiots go on shows like Jerry Springer or Maury.
I’ve seen some people put some amazing shit on Facebook the thing is it was never meant to be a public bulletin board for people to view your entire life.
Anyone dumb enough to be posing with gang signs and other questionable content should be put on the publics radar.

Anonymous said...

Gaius, you're power hitting again. Nice job. Facts are never racist. They are facts. Twisting the facts to match goals can indeed be racist. You are a straight talker presenting the facts while watching liberal heads implode. Keep up the good work.