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Black Pastors Collaborate to Brainwash Parishioners into voting for Obama… Holder briefs them on how to do it legally! Obama Awards Socialist Leader Highest Honor at White House - Businessman Faces Backlash After Appearing on Obama’s Enemies List - Consumer Confidence Flatlines Under Obama - Top Five Ways Obamacare Crushes the Middle Class - They'll Call This Video Racist

Holder to brief black pastors on campaign 2012
Attorney General Eric Holder, the IRS, and the liberal lawyers at the ACLU will brief several hundred pastors in the African American community on how to participate in the presidential election -- which the Congressional Black Caucus chair expects will help President Obama's campaign.

"We will have representatives from nine denominations who actually pastor somewhere in the neighborhood of about 10 million people, and we're going to first of all equip them with the information they need to know about what they can say and what they cannot say in the church that would violate their 501c3 status with the IRS," Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., told MSNBC today.

"In fact, we're going to have the IRS administrator there, we're going to have the Attorney General Eric Holder there, we're going to have the lawyers' organization from around the country, the ACLU -- all giving ministers guidance about what they can and cannot do," he noted.

Cleaver said they would not tell pastors which candidate to support. They will let them know who to regard as the bad guys, though (hint: not Democrats). "We're going to talk about some of the draconian laws that have cropped up around the country as a result of the 17 percent increase in African American votes," Cleaver said, describing voter ID laws as a form of Jim Crow-style "poll tax" on seniors and black voters.

The CBC chairman is confident that "President Obama is going to get 95 percent of the [African American] vote," and wants to keep that turnout high.

 Eric Holder Integrates Church and State in Anti-Voter ID Pushback
 Is helping black pastors to get the vote out -- all on the taxpayer's dime I might add -- not being "race conscious?" And how about that pesky separation of church and state violation?

Obama Awards Socialist Leader Highest Honor at White House – Admits He Stole Her “Yes We Can” Slogan - Gateway Pundit 
 Barack Obama gave the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Dolores Huerta, an honorary chair of the Democratic Socialists of America. During the ceremony today President Obama admitted he stole her slogan “Yes we can!” for his 2008 campaign.
Huerta has claimed, “Republicans hate Latinos,” and has spoken fondly of Hugo Chavez’s despotic regime in Venezuela.


 Businessman Faces Backlash After Appearing on Obama’s Enemies List - Heritage 
Frank VanderSloot grew up a poor kid in rural Idaho. His father made $300 a month. His clothes came from the Salvation Army. Yet through determination and hard work—and with the help of America’s free-enterprise system—today he’s the successful CEO of a global supplier of wellness products.
VanderSloot’s rags-to-riches story is not unlike other American tales of individuals who have benefited from the free market. In VanderSloot’s case, however, that success came with a price—but only when he decided a write a check to a super PAC that supports Mitt Romney.
“The whole free-enterprise system has been so good to me and my family, I want to protect that,” he said. “I now see that system under attack.”
VanderSloot traveled from Idaho this week to visit The Heritage Foundation. He spoke at the weekly Bloggers Briefing and sat down afterward to share his story.
VanderSloot said his life changed forever on April 20. That’s when President Obama’s campaign created the first presidential “enemies list” since the Nixon era. Eight private citizens were singled out for their donations to Romney. They committed no crimes, sought no attention, and yet they became the subject of Obama’s scorn.
VanderSloot got his first taste of the left’s tactics in February when he was the subject of hit pieces by left-wing Mother Jones and Salon’s Glenn Greenwald. Both stories surprised VanderSloot for their harsh and negative portrayal of Melaleuca, the company he has overseen for 26 years.

August 9, 2009 -  Chicago thug tactics - Pamela Geller

FARRAKHAN: Soon Whites 'Will Be Minority' in Country They 'Took'
The poorly-timed rant took place in San Diego in front of a partially Hispanic audience.  The oft controversial minister began by disparaging “White Mexicans” of Spanish decent before announcing that “Africans were in that part of the World [Mexico] maybe before [Mexicans] got there.”  The minister lamented that illegal Mexicans are called “aliens” and declared that Americans “ought to be praising the Mexicans because we living on land that was once theirs.”
Farrakhan went on to declare that he was “sad that Mexico lost California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado” after the Mexican-American War “trickery.”  This led to the minister generalizing about the American people as “a people that make war and blame the person they makin’ war on and then take your land.”
However, The minister sounded overjoyed that minority births outnumber white births in America, according to recent US Census reports.  Given the news, Farrakhan noted that white people will soon “be the minority in their own country that they took from the native people.”  He also projected that minorities will soon “become governor of every state.”
Top Five Ways Obamacare Crushes the Middle Class
 President Obama has repeatedly claimed that he is “going to keep on fighting for what matters to middle class families.” Well, in this “fight,” the President seems to be his own worst enemy. His health care law does far more damage than good to the American middle class.
Consumer Confidence Flatlines Under Obama

 Obama campaign fundraisers are getting creepy - The Dangerous Servant

"Born in Kenya" - Slate

By David Weigel's latest installment of "The Vetting" -- its ongoing series of Obama stories that the lazy mainstream media never touched -- was misunderstood right out of the gate. The misunderstanding was bipartisan, diverse. The story was about a 1991 brochure by the Acton & Dystel literary agency, then representing Barack Obama. In the brochure, Obama became a hot young proposition who was "born in Kenya."
The Breitbart editors were clear on one point: They were not invoking birtherism. Their scoop was "evidence," according to site editor Joel Pollak, "not of the President's foreign origin, but that Barack Obama's public persona has perhaps been presented differently at different times."

But this is the internet. People don't like to read things. They like to react to things. A quick sampling from the comments -- for a piece that has been shared nearly 100,000 times on Facebook -- finds stuff like "so sick that they are going to let this illegal President stay in the white house" and "he willfully ran and served as President of the United States when he fully knew he was unqualified to legally run" and "His LFB [long form birth certificate] is a forgery. All one has to do is look at it in illustrator and open it in the layers panel." And the liberal bloggy take on the story was that had gone all birther on us.

No! That wasn't the point! The point was that the "born in Kenya" bio lived in the brochure for decades and no one talked about it. Doug Ross, following up, finds that it stayed online until two months after Barack Obama launched his presidential campaign. "He is said," wrote Pollak, "to have cultivated an "international" identity until well into his adulthood."

So who bungled the "Kenya" fact? The problem: No one will fess up. Miriam Goderich, who has taken credit for "fact-checking" the item, won't say how she checked it. (I asked and have heard nothing.) Her fact-checking didn't include the high-profile New York Times mini-profile of Obama from 1990. According to the paper -- which quoted Obama -- he was "born in Hawaii." The first person on record misstating that Obama was Kenyan was, in fact, Goderich. It reminds me of the early waves of 2008 stories that "confirmed" Obama's African roots -- they were based on interviews with Kenyans who said, mistakenly and in broken English, that Obama must have been born there. People see what they want in Obama, which used to be a (creepy) advantage. Now, it's something Obama has to answer for, or the media isn't vetting him.
 Kenyan Ambassador admits Obama born in Kenya

 They'll Call This Video Racist
 In the Age of Obama, the racism charge, rather than abating, has become more prevalent than ever. Why? Because to tell the truth about matters like crime, racial profiling, social fallout of single parent homes, or the ways racial preferences distort the very meaning of equity and justice would mean facing up to the soul-destroying pathologies of urban black culture. Instead, black leaders and their guilty white allies blame these problems on historic oppression and lack of government aid, and demonize those who challenge such views as -- what else? -- racist.

Texas Student Challenges School’s Policy of Standing During The Pledge of Allegiance - The Blaze 

A student at Cypress Springs High School in Cypress, Tex., says he’s being “singled out” by his teachers because he wouldn’t stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, according to
“It’s very uncomfortable,” said Ray Jones. “I’m wondering what they’re going to say next.”
The trouble started last month on a day Jones decided to jog to school. According to his mother, the 17-year old was so wiped out by his run that he was incapable of standing for the nine seconds it takes to say the Pledge.
“He was tired, dripping with sweat, exhausted,” LaTonya Ellison said. “He just, on that particular day, did not feel like standing up.”

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