Friday, September 7, 2012

"Obama 'greatest hoax ever perpetrated on American people'..."

“A lot of people are realizing they had the wool pulled over their eyes by Obama,”

 "Obama 'greatest hoax ever perpetrated on American people'..."

Clint Eastwood 

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Was checking out this post via Drudge and although I did not watch a second of the Democratic Convention all I could think of is how remarkable easy is it to brainwash and scam people into believing bullshit.
Can you imagine how a normal human being would feel if they had to get up before millions of people to try and justify why he or she should keep their job despite their own abject and utter failure.

I started watching the show Hell’s Kitchen and as the chefs fight their way through a barrage of barking and insults from the host Gordon Ramsey in the end two are put on the chopping block having to justify why they should remain in the competition despite screwing up in spectacular style.

Most with a sheepish expression rant about how despite their mistakes “they have passion” or “I have a lot to learn, just give me another chance” Mr. Ramsey does not want quitters he actually wants the two sacrificial lambs to grovel and beg for forgiveness for being such shitty chefs.
I don’t know what kind of human being you have to be to have a mountain of evidence highlighting your complete and glaring incompetence but still having to stand up before the people and country you screwed over and say “I’m worthy of a second chance.”

But unlike the contestants on Hell’s Kitchen, Obama did not screw up a paltry dinner service he completely destroyed individuals lives and well-being. Completely pissed away billions of dollars and destroyed what was the world’s strongest economy. People lost homes and jobs… careers. Because of his complete lack of leadership created gaping holes of racial and class division and created an atmosphere of uncertainty.
The very people who supported him the most, black folks are suffering the most but still many inexplicable will still vote for his crazy ass.  
These facts are testaments to the ineffectiveness of the Obama presidency.

Currently there is a 28-year high in black unemployment; but unlike January 1983, when black unemployment spiked but then soon improved, Barack Obama's black unemployment has hovered in the 14%-16% range for over three years (now 14.1%).

Not only has the job picture been dismal, but standards of living have deteriorated in other ways.  Black poverty has increased, and the prices of gasoline, food are up dramatically.  Consumer credit climbed more than forecast led by the biggest jump in credit-card debt in almost five years that may signal Americans are struggling to make ends meet.

Under President Obama, needy families have grown needier, and his response has been to pimp food stamps.
Obama glowing achievement: 46.5 million Americans, more than the populations of Canada, Poland, Spain, or Australia, are now on food stamps.
I guess my father was right when I asked him “why do you vote for Democrats?” “because they feed us.”

Maybe Obama is a brilliant political strategist, screw the country into oblivion, drive people into economic despair and be there to pick up the pieces and be ready with the handouts.
If any of you has ever seen the movie New Jack City there is a scene where the drug kingpin in the hood Nino Brown is seen distributing Turkeys for Thanksgiving. Negros gleefully line up to receive their free turkey oblivious that the reason why they had to stand in line in the first place was because of Nino.
Obama (Democrats in general) are the political equivalent of Nino Brown. Negros although decimated by Obama’s incompetence will still support his silly ass. A sad state of where we are today.  

Black people are failing because YOU white people don’t give a damn… no seriously you don’t

 Ask any self proclaimed black Democrat why are you a Democrat and they could not tell you. I asked that question years ago while in high school and later in the military as I became more and more interested in politics and each and every time I would ask a black friend why do you vote Democrat they would either say “shit I don’t know” or “because my mama and daddy voted that way” or some other silly shit like we “Republicans don’t like black people.”

To this day even after blogging for almost 6 years now I have yet to get a coherent answer to the mysterious question why do Negros vote Democrat?
My father finally gave me the answer I long sought, “because they feed us.”
Oh and they can also predict the weather.

Well if you look back on this editorial piece and many others like it is obvious that Negros have deteriorated into this pathetic mass of mental vapidness.
Negros “needed” to vote for Hussein Obama because of this pathetic need for self identification or self worth. Who cares that he is an intellectually vacant, pompous, conniving piece of shit.
Negros voted for his ass not knowing a damn thing about him and even without knowing anything about him he was to be the savior that would transform black folks into responsible, thoughtful, law abiding individuals. He was to transform black men into responsible fathers, he was to transform black men into responsible husbands, he would magically will young folks into being responsible thoughtful individuals who values education and themselves when the parents are not even promotion or demanding those values.

Poor black folks have multiple televisions, bling, IPods, Playstations, cars, jewelry, cell phones but more than likely no job or no education but Negro parents don’t give a fuck so why should the rest of society give a fuck?

Educate Yourself: Do Not Allow Obama A Second Term! (revision 4 - 10/30/09)


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 I had a chance to engage a few Obama fans who at the outset thought I was an Obama fan of course due to my skin shading...

Because of where I work I have to be cool about engaging people in political discussions simple because it is a PR issue.
I’m a customer service guy in a sense I’m usually the one and only face of the facility where I work, just like any job you always want to put you best foot forward to leave people with a good impression.
Without going into immense detail I chatted up with a couple of individuals one a professor of history another a Poly Sci student and another an older lady retired who later admitted that she has little stomach for politics.
When I get the chance to stealthily throw in a dig or two at Obama fans I do so with good humor. Some of what I cover below is what I briefly talked about to each in particular Obama’s socialist connections.
All of course rejected the notion which was not a shock. I then mentioned Obama campaigning for his cousin Odinda in Kenya,  a member of the Orange Democratic Movement, a socialist party.
All not only rejected that bit of information I was taken aback at how steadfast they were in their rejection of this scurrilous tidbit of information was to them. As each were now on the defensive and citing that my information was obviously tainted and woefully misinformed I went to my old friend You Tube and played the video I have below.
Now folks I completely understood that my revealing this tidbit of information was not going to change their opinion of Obama nor cause them to waver in their support but it was their seemingly strong emotional response that slightly shocked me.
I have followed politics for a long time and while I have political favorites I have never devoted a single ounce of personal emotional attachment to any politician.
I liked Ronald Reagan and I believe he was a solid president and was the right man for the job at that particular moment in American history considering what a complete disaster Jimmy Carter was.
But liberals have this unusual response to being exposed to the truth. It was clear in each case that they almost had this “caught with their pants down” response as if they were almost embarrassed by the revelation.
I often thrown out the jab that liberals’ willingness to be ignorant is America’s greatest problem. Until individuals choose to become informed on the issues on their own hopefully without having to rely on the media to educate them, no matter how many of us on the right or even independents who are against Obama and his flawed policies we are seemingly wasting our time and effort.      

Is Obama the Worst President Ever?


Anonymous said...

Gaius, I don't know if it is ignorance or delusion driving liberal thought processes. The information is out there and all one has to do to find it is to scratch the surface. Ignorance can be overcome with a little work. Deception goes right to the core of the individual and is much, much harder to overcome.

Example, a brochure arrived in the mail requesting funds for a local politician. The politician was active in the church, community, schools, was retired military, etc. The only thing missing was his part affiliation. Did two searches and discovered that he's either ashamed of his party (democrats) or was attempting to deceive conservatives into mistakenly voting for him (claims of military service, son in the military, etc). Don't know but I do know that anyone who fails to tell me their party affiliation up front is, in my book, engaging in obfuscation of the worst sort.

The obamanation of desolation didn't get my vote the last time. Told the wife that if he fails he will pretty much guarantee that no minority or woman gets elected president in this country for several decades. O.O.D. poisoned the well on this one. i.e. who would you rather have in office an old white guy or a political neophyte? Something to be said for either one. A failed political neophyte burnt the bridges for others like him. O.O.D. failed. He failed his party. He failed a ground of his most loyal voters (black unemployment in some places hits around 50% for young blacks). He failed his country. Each failed group had much to lose.

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

“Gaius, I don't know if it is ignorance or delusion driving liberal thought processes.”

What drives liberalism… in turn the support for Obama is simply because society has turned so superficial; people are just not that deep anymore…

“Superficiality is the curse of our age…. The desperate need today is not for a greater number of intelligent people, or gifted people, but for deep people.”

~Richard Foster, Celebration of Discipline

Obama has successfully created such deep divisions in class and in particular race. This is why despite such overwhelming evidence of his failures black people still support Obama.

Black people are constantly and systematically bombarded by illogical rhetoric. Those of you who are white are not privy to this onslaught of communications bullshit that programs black people to regurgitate DNC or Obama talking point at will.
From black radio stations, commercials on black radio and TV stations, to black musicians, entertainers, athletes black people are programmed to think with one collective thought process. This will never ever change, at least not in my lifetime or my grandchildren’s lifetime.
If you were subjected to non-stop political propaganda from the media or your church and your family you would no doubt fall for the delusion.

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

To the average black man all they know is white people are oppressors. Don’t get me wrong there are a fair number of white people who would just assume I got back to Africa although I have never set foot on the continent, but any white person with even a small amount of common sense knows that America’s success can only be attained when all people are given a fair shot and all people are allowed to succeed and achieve.

Obama as do many other blacks only believe that their success can only be achieved by toppling whitey off his ivory tower so to speak.
Make no mistake black people are just as much if not more absorbed and obsessed with race than most white people because black peoples admiration of race is rooted in their lust for power and desire to rule over others.
Working with white people or anyone else of color is not an option, the desire is to rule over them. This is the only option which is why so many black people are so enamored with having a black president. Regardless of how fucked up he is, he rules over whitey.

Those who believe and are obsessed so much by race (Obama’s presidency) is because some folks simply believe that they are better than others, that they are superior to other cultures. They believe in race because they believe that there are those who are expendable and that others impede our success. They believe in race because they believe that the world was created for themselves alone.

The delusion you speak of is rooted in that most of us only scratch the surface of the meaning and understanding of our lives.
We don’t challenge ourselves to go deeper to have a more in depth understanding of the world around us. Most blindly accept the superficial context that is presented to us, whether that is some bullshit from a campaign commercial, a flier handed to us, the word of a pastor or some religious figure, or someone we admire.

If we are willing to do deeper in understanding the world around us particularly the political world more people would seek to know the context or the facts of an argument or issue for themselves, but most simply won’t and that is what allows liberalism to prosper.

People should not take things on face value and not believe in something because everyone else does. Instead, go deeper. Look past the superficial.
Don’t simply accept the words, experiences, synonyms and antonyms placed in front of you. Liberals, particularly black people need to instead, go deeper to find the answers to the issues that plague this country and our society and they need to do so without using the social coloring of their skin shade. Logic does not have a color.

Most remain woefully ignorant because most skim through life when life should be processed from cover to cover.

This why that political candidate did not reveal his political affiliation because he is counting on his potential voters ignorance, he know most will simply skim the surface of his content and not dig deeper. Democrats are masters at this and this is why frankly Democrats will rule the roost of politics for the foreseeable future. Even long after Obama is gone some other lying ass deceitful Democrat will take his place.