Sunday, September 9, 2012

Obama is not responsible for screwing up America, his fans are…

I wrote a few days ago that I backed away from blogging basically because most people are not only exceedingly screwed up but are generally pretty selfish.

 Embedded throughout this post are photographs of the type moronic personalities that despite Obama’s monumental failure as president they are still likely to vote for him.

This country is overrun with your typical Obama voter folks who receive money or any consideration in kind from the government many who have developed an outright dependency on handouts from the government. The vast majority of these people have never even bothered to try to make their own way in the world. These are the folks who have little besides all that government has provided for them.

Those of you who spend every waking moment reading every scathing political analytical reason why Obama should not continue as president fail to grasp one simple antidote. Democrats have spent a generation breeding today's Obama voter.

 The government collects funds in the form of taxes from others who worked for what they have. These funds are then distributed to those who don’t work in the form of welfare checks, food stamps, shelter, support for their babies, mortgage money, medical care and insurance, a break on utility bills, energy, and taxes, cash for their clunker cars, and refunds or reimbursements for luxury items despite that they are absent a job.
 Individuals who normally would not have a pot to piss in, wenches sporting hair weaves, fake fingernails and cleavage stained tattoos where paying cell phone and cable bills take precedence over putting food in their kids’ mouths are the type of individuals who populate Obama’s legions of voters.

These people don’t read any of the leading right wing sites like you frequent on a daily basis; they don’t pay attention to poll numbers, or the latest lie told by Obama. All they know is as long as Obama or any reasonable Democratic facsimile is calling the shots their ghetto or trailer trash world is secure.

On the other side of the fence you have those who have it all. These are the folks who want to “help” those have very little. They serve a shallow desire to save everything, including the planet and everybody else, from people like themselves. It is the right thing to do, and they think the world of themselves for doing it.

Self-righteousness reigns within this group. Being for Obama shows that they are “down for the cause” or that they are cool. The narcissistic type who only see the surface. As I said in an earlier post these people are not very deep intellectually, substance is irrelevant.

Obama’s actual performance simply does not matter, how much of a failure he is does not matter. I’ve said once before that black people no matter how bad Obama has screwed them will nonetheless support him no matter what.

Keep this in mind folks, I’ve actually heard black people say this.. 
“We’ve never had shit before, and don’t have shit now. The white man’s not going to let Obama give us anything.” 
 Obama is failing because whitey won’t allow him to succeed.

 It may make those of us on the right feel good to vent from time to time either on our blogs, on a chat board or a letter to the editor. We may listen to commentary by our favorite right wing talk show hosts or conservative columnist, but the fact is again folks Democrats have been breeding and cultivating their ideal voter for a generation now.

These people are not going to suddenly decide to tear up their welfare checks or forgo their government handout; the Democrats have invested a lot into keeping control of America by keeping ghetto fabulousness and dependency a part of the American consciousness by using your hard earned money.


Anonymous said...

"We may listen to commentary by our favorite right wing talk show hosts or conservative columnist, but the fact is again folks Democrats have been breeding and cultivating their ideal voter for a generation now."

Been going on longer than that. Just look at Biden. FYI in Chicago at least, they give away free cell phones and the street pirates still rob people of their phone.

How do you propose weaning them off of the government teat? It would take both major parties to cooperate in doing that and the democrats sure don't want to upset their constituents.

I've been following Charleston Thug Life and have come to the conclusion that the court system in Charleston doesn't want to deal with any but the most egregious offenders and that the judges/DA prefer throwing the smaller fish back in to the pool for offender on offender 'justice.' Better for the street pirates to kill off each other (with some occasional collateral damage) than to spend the time to arrest, try, incarcerate.

"Keep this in mind folks, I’ve actually heard black people say this..

“We’ve never had shit before, and don’t have shit now. The white man’s not going to let Obama give us anything.”

Obama is failing because you white won’t allow him to succeed."

Obama is half white. His mother was white. His grandparents were white. He was raised in the white culture. He has more in common culturally with whites than he does with blacks. According to reports he and his wife are very strict with their children. This doesn't jibe with his politics.

The obamanation of desolation might even be acting black so as to appear 'authentic' to his voting base. His base would destroy him if something like that ever came out.

As to Obama giving blacks things why should he be concerned about blacks in general and poor blacks specifically when their votes are already in the bag for him and his cronies? His first two years he wasted his political capital and lost the House of Representatives and blew a substantial lead in the Senate. He could have done something but why should he since he has black votes regardless of what he does?

I thought it was better to teach a man to fish as it would allow him to fill his stomach for a lifetime rather than to give him a fish which only feeds him for a meal. I remember the demonstrations on TV as a child about black students wanting to go to the much better white schools. Whatever happened to the drive those blacks had? Now, all too often, a successful black student must hide their success or be told that an education is a 'white thing' (whatever that is). Does that mean that ignorance, poverty, and despair are home grown by attitudes of blacks? Why bother trying because whitey will just hold us back? Quite frankly whites just want to see blacks succeed and stop blaming every ill that befalls them on the hidden agenda whites have towards blacks. We whites are too busy worrying about our own existence to devote much time to screwing over blacks.

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

“Quite frankly whites just want to see blacks succeed and stop blaming every ill that befalls them on the hidden agenda whites have towards blacks. We whites are too busy worrying about our own existence to devote much time to screwing over blacks.”

Mr. or Ms. Anonymous I guess this is the one reason why I like blogging and sharing my world to the few who choose to come here. Not being disrespectful to you or any other white person who comes here but I honestly don’t think some of you folks clearly understand the animosity a significant number of black people have towards you folks.

This animosity is systematically programed ever fucking day, every black radio station, every black internet website, black celebrity website, social website, damn near every hip hop song, every Sunday in church, every barber and beauty and barbershop, every backyard barbecue, every black comedian routine everywhere black people are taught and programmed that YOU white people are racist, fucked up, evil, manipulative human beings and that simply because of your existence anyone who is not white is doomed to failure.

Just like you would train your dog to sit, fetch, speak or roll over there is a systematic grooming of black people to behave in a certain way, dress a certain way, act a certain way, think a certain, vote a certain way, drink a certain drink or smoke a certain type of cigarettes or live in a particular part of town. This also includes politics. If you can keep black folks thinking, dressing, acting, thinking or speaking in a certain way you can keep control of them.

Common sense would tell you that not all white people are out to get black folks or that they want them to fail or that they have hidden agendas.
This is frankly why I don’t understand racist neo-Nazi types. They work so hard to keep the races separate and to propagate separation of the races when black folks happily do that for them.

Some of you may have black friends and like them or maybe even care about them but in the minds of a significant number of black folks always underneath the surface that distrust that little bit of doubt is always there.

Even amongst my old prior marriage families, while some of the white people I got along with and some who even liked me you could tell that there was always this slight psychological gap where although I was accepted to a point I was never fully embraced. Keep in mind I don’t have this I hate whitey chip but I felt isolated damn near every fucking day.
Now imagine your typical black person who does have this “chip” feeling the same way every time they walk into a store and are watched just a bit closer, or at work if they feel they are not treated fairly or the same as their white counterparts.

Every once in a while I may go into a situation or drinking establishment and be the only black person and some idiot white dude will walk up to me talking about “hey bro,”
or make some sort of comedic reference about race trying to be funny or I dare say friendly. Again keep in mind I don’t have the chip weighing me down but I would not be typing this out if it did not bother me a little.

That tension is always there, the vast majority of black folks just won’t tell you white people what I’m telling you because most white folks still clearly won’t get it.
Obama being half white is irrelevant, remember back in the day one drop of black blood still made you a nigger and as long as some white people make race, or his birthplace the issue and not his policies black people take offense and will side with him.

Just like OJ’s guilty ass, black folks knew OJ was guilty but he got off and beat whitey.
Any victory over whitey is far more important than “saving America.”
If you are white you are the silent enemy. Some black folks may be friendly towards you and some may consider you a friend but black folks are programmed to keep just a little bit of doubt tucked away just in case.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know the animosity some blacks have towards whites. In Chicago, I pulled in behind a car driven by a black male to turn left. When he looked up and saw me in his mirror his face clouded over in a near rage. BFD I thought. I want nothing from either you or your neighborhood. All I want is to finish the job at a customer site then leave. In Milwaukee, I got lost at night and had garbage thrown at me because I was a white guy in someone's crappy neighborhood at night. Made it out of there in one piece.

What you say is true and there's no reason to doubt it. Sadly that puts both whites and blacks at an irreconcilable impasse. What would be proof that whites aren't all like they were 50 years ago? Probably nothing since truths, half truths, and lies are the routine for black and white race relations.

Who makes the first move and is it worth doing so or would it be better to return to the old days of segregation and say that integration was a failed experiment? I sure wouldn't want to return to the days of segregation, but what would work?

What we're doing as a nation today isn't working.

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

I once wrote about what my father told me upon entering a grade school where I would be the only black kid, and we were the only black family in the neighborhood. He told me in order to survive I had to be just a little bit better than the white kid next to me. Our house had to be kept up a little better, my mother would not allow me to leave the house without a shirt or shoes and socks so that white people would not think we were “uncivilized.” We were to be courteous and respectful at all time because you never knew who was watching or what they would say about you.
You could go into a Walmart and see bad ass little white kids throwing a fit and talking back to their parents but other white people walking by would hardly notice, but if a black kid were spotted acting out some white person would say “those niggers don’t know how to act in public.”
Everyone see color, most of us deny it and swear that we are not prejudice and that we treat everyone equally which is a flat out lie.
We are taught eventually that different than you is not good or not beneficial to you.

Even my granddaughter, (not my biological granddaughter) but my ex wife’s sons oldest daughter even she saw color but in a good way.
She called me “pappa boo” and I am certain she knew I loved her with every fiber in my body.
She was far more comfortable approaching people of color because everyone she saw who was black reminded her of myself or my mother or her cousins who were black or mixed all she knew was everyone of color loved her dearly. Every white person she saw was just another person they could be good or bad.
But now that I am divorced from her biological grandmother I will never see her again and I am more than certain that she either has or will hear about that horrible nigger that use to be married to her grandmother who was a bad man. So she just may develop that same fucked up mindset many whites have when they don’t truly know any black folks or rarely interact with them or base their interactions on what they see on TV or in the movies. She will be taught just like many other children that we are not the same and that color matters.
Even my ex wife who in the end when she became angry resorted to racial stereotypes in describing me, someone who swore that she did not have a racist bone in her body.
It is taught to young black kids and white kids. This is why white kids hang with their own kind by the time they roll into high school and so do blacks or Mexicans or whoever pick the ethnic group. It is why white fathers grind their teeth at the notion that their beloved daughters would date a black man.
Bottom line we all have our (racial) buttons.

Keeping us divided helps someone, somewhere, from politicians to parents.

Can the experiment work, sure if aliens dropped from the sky and humans all of a sudden knew that in order to survive they had to band together.

Society is just fucked up, human beings are just fucked up. It is not just a black and white thing. People resort to race shit when they choose to become illogical.

Deep down many blacks know that not all white people are bad or evil. Its just easier not to trust because that way you don’t get disappointed.

It takes one person at a time, one relationship at a time and a better understanding of what makes each of us tick.

I don’t mean to make it sound hopeless, I just think we all need to be realistic about what we are dealing with and why.
Reading some of the stuff I do on right wing blog sites I just seriously don’t think some of these white dudes writing the shit they do gets it.
It goes much deeper than black people like Obama because he is black and had a D after their name and until you can get some people to delve deeper into human development some folks will never figure it out.
You can’t reconcile with people until you clearly understand them.

Anonymous said...

I gave my Amer-Asian kids the same talk your father gave you about having to be better than the rest. There were some rough spots, but it worked. Three college graduates and one with a masters.

The bit about divorce is very common. When the breakup comes any and all weapons get used to vilify, tear down, and destroy the other partner. Not a good situation for anyone, especially the children. Adults sometimes don't behave like adults.

Hmmm, your post was disturbing to say the least. If the majority of the blacks distrust whites that much then is there any reason to keep trying? One aw shit destroys dozens of atta-boys. I alone am responsible for my behavior. That white turd bird down the street is responsible for his behavior. He's not my responsibility and it isn't my turn to watch his dumb ass. Likewise you probably know people who are an embarrassment to black people and like me you aren't responsbile for their behavior and it isn't your turn to watch them this week. So who keeps it going? Who profits from stoking the racial animosity fires on both sides?

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

Black people always have been and always will be judged with a broad brush. Every black person seeking to purchase a home in a nice neighborhood will be greeted with judging stares. Every where we go, every establishment we enter, every party we attend where we are the only person of color we are processed.
Black people amongst their own kind often say when we watch the local news and hear of a murder we all think “shit I hope that ain’t another black on black murder.”
When a professional athlete screws up for drugs or domestic assault we black folks are thinking “ah shit there is another dumb as nigga doing something stupid.”
When we are the only darkie at a party we get weird glances and can see the word clouds above the guests heads, who is he or she with and why are they here? Shit now I can’t tell my new racist joke now!
If there is a black kid on a college campus is he or she there on an athletic scholarship or some government handout.
All black people are on welfare right? Never mind that there are far more white people on welfare than blacks. Forget about that percentage shit, white people are ripping off the government far and away more than black people collectively can in all our lifetimes but the stigma is all darkies are on welfare.

Painting the picture that all blacks are on welfare benefit’s the white people living in the suburbs receiving welfare checks.
Bitching about the black athlete on a scholarship or a black person in the college classroom on some grant justifies some white people own failures for not getting into that desired college.
I work on a college campus and can walk around campus all damn day and not see a single black kid but yet one black kid keeps some pissed off white kid from receiving some grant or scholarship and all hell breaks loose.

During Karina white people were filing claims on second houses and boats and other luxury items while black were getting chased out of NOLA.
Painting black people as criminals keeps them out of white parts of town, painting them as problem children keeps them out of prominent school districts, painting them as problem employees keeps people from hiring them.

Now keep in mind as I say these things anyone who has been reading this blog for any length of time know I’m not one who makes excuses and blames whitey.
I have been called nigger more times than I can count and been screwed around but more than a few white people but have managed to dodge the obstacles as they came and did not become bitter and blame everyone who was white for my plight.
I am rare there are a few of us blacks that can take each white person at face value and not lump them all together. I thank my parents for that skill set. But the mistrust of whites by blacks I speak of is all part of what I mention above.
It is the perceived unfairness of it all. Again we all see and process skin color, for good or bad we all do it and how it manifests itself in some situations can either add to the racial tension or ease it a little.
Like I said it takes one relationship at a time, one friendship at a time, maybe even one blogger like me at a time.

I’m not here trying to stoke the racial flames I’m just trying to make people just a bit more aware that the political conflicts go much deeper than simply Democrats vs. Republicans or Romney vs. Obama or Liberals vs. Conservatives.

Should we keep trying of course, but I will say again you can’t solve a problem until you understand what the problem is.

Anonymous said...

"’m not here trying to stoke the racial flames I’m just trying to make people just a bit more aware that the political conflicts go much deeper than simply Democrats vs. Republicans or Romney vs. Obama or Liberals vs. Conservatives.

Should we keep trying of course, but I will say again you can’t solve a problem until you understand what the problem is. "

Those folks taking advantage of Katrina to line their pockets should go to jail - regardless the amount. I put much of the blame for what happened on Gov Blanco and mayor Nagin for lack of preparedness.

Athletes? From high school to professional a bunch of prima donnas who sometimes get by with everything up to and including murder.

Some stuff, just by it's nature is incendiary, but the truth, even if is is painful and embarrassing is still the truth. Discussing this leads to better understanding. Wish that others would chime in too.

Older School said...

Great to see you back, G! I may not comment, but I read your blog religiously.

Anonymous said...

I personally feel that the truth lies in the middle. Welfare should be enough to put food in your mouth and a small shelter over your head. if people have 50" LCD's and maxed out cable to sit on their butts all day and watch tv and complain about how bad they have it, that should be an indicator that we're giving them too much. However, we need the social safety net. Those people should be put to work to earn their money in public works projects. It might cost us more than just welfare, but it will help instill a work ethic. All this whining from the right is ridiculous too. The 1% can afford more taxes, but the 99% better realize the government is going to have to cut down and balance the budget or we're all effed. The government should be revenue neutral+enough to pay down on the deficit. We can't keep going into debt year after year a trillion dollars at a time. That's insanity. There needs to be an uptake of Simpson Bowles type philosophy. If the two parties keep warring then the ship is going to go down while they're fighting their stupid little skirmishes between government branches. And oh yeah kill the filibuster, it's no longer useful, or at the very least make them stand and sweat it out like they used to, to stop frivolous filibustering.

Larryville Snoop said...

All this whining from the right is ridiculous too. The 1% can afford more taxes…

Let me say this and I’m biting my lip as I type this… Under normal circumstances I would agree that the fighting between the right and left is overblown and it will lead us down the wrong path.

But Obama is vastly different. Any seemingly reasonable person that can look at all of the information on Obama, I have a lot of it posted here for a reason, his past associations (Soros, Odinga, Ayres), the things he has said about redistribution, his anti-Semitic associations this man is dangerous I’m not a conspiracy theory nut, and I don’t have crap posted here about where he was born. I firmly believe with all my heart that some day down the road we are going to find out something about Obama so earth shattering that it will fundamentally change how we elect our president. His past and the medias obsession in helping to conceal his past and relevant stories about him should scare the crap out of any rational human being and the fact it does not gives me little comfort for the future of this nation.
People like Mrs. Obamaphone are becoming the norm, the country is screwed and few people seem to bothered by that, hell maybe I should chill. I tried to stay away from blogging and paying attention to this shit but although I have little influence and no audience and trying to go to battle with a tablespoon I honestly believe this election is that important. This man (Obama) does not have this nations best interest at heart.

Whining!? I think not. As for the 1% can pay more taxes, I don’t have shit, I make a modest salary and I would never even conceive of asking someone to piss his or her hard earned money and giving it to the government and paying for damn cell phones putting more money on freeloaders EBT cards.

Even as a young kid when I first started to understand our tax system it never made sense to me for a wealthy man to give a portion of what her earns to the government when he could either invest it or buy more stuff that people in my income bracket makes! TV, DVD’s, limo service, vacations, more crap for his house a new car!

Wait piss away money giving it to the government or helping the economy thrive… really?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the candid and honest insight. That was one of the most real things I have ever read.