Thursday, September 6, 2012

Why I stopped blogging… America Please End Obama's Presidency in 2012

Back for now...who knows if anyone will even see this for now, I’m not sure even how often I will post... but for now...

Tonight Barrack Hussein Obama will take the stage at the Democratic Convention and while he won’t deliver his speech on some grandiose Greek column flanked stage he will certainly make up for that by flexing his massive ego in front of millions of Americans.

Folks I stopped blogging for one simple reason, it was painful for me to listen to good friends of mine, loved ones and someone I truly love almost obsessively gush over idiot Obama many black despite his complete and utter incompetence.

I have been a political junkie for most of my adult life and I know politics about as much as I know anything. I have certainly done more investigative reading and research on political issues than I have just about anything but what frustrated me is no matter how much I knew or how much political knowledge I accumulated what difference does it make if those I knew, good people, loving people some family and some good friends willingly ignored the obvious and continued to support an individual who is colossal and catastrophic failure something that can be easily seen and understood to anyone willing to use a measure of common sense to absorb the knowledge for themselves.

What the hell difference does it make if I spend all of my waking hours understanding the political landscape then spending more time piecing together my little catalog of information only to still have the majority of this country ignore the obvious because who care how screwed up Obama is all we care about is “fuck America” “fuck the wealthy”
“fuck the white man” or “gimmie mine” meaning I’m all for government handouts as long as I get mine.

I honestly don’t know as of today who will win the election. Anyone who read this blog before I went dark knew I was not a fan of Mitt Romney, but I was pleased that Paul Ryan was added to the ticket. I don’t know what his addition to the ticket will bring, I’m sure Obama fans will simply see it as two white men trying to take back America, I don’t know and I won’t begin to try and understand utter stupidity and intellectual laziness.

In the past I may have been slightly disappointed that a candidate I supported lost an election whether that was a school board or mayor or city councilman, county commission, state representative, state senator, governor, congressman, senator or even president, but despite the result I always knew the sun would still rise in the east and all would be fine in the end. However I am truly worried that if Obama is elected it will set this country back to the depths of social, economic and intellectual despair that it will not likely recover in my lifetime. I believe that this election is that serious.

I’ve never liked or trusted Obama from the first moments of gathering information about him and I have said before that at some point in the future we are going to find out something about him that will shake the foundation of this country that will likely change how we cover presidential elections and elect presidents in the future.  

To those who find this if you were and old reader sorry for the disappearance and hope to hear from you at some point.
I don’t know how much time I will dedicate to blogging all depends on my mood. A lot has changed in my life and things are much better than they were months ago so in some way I may simply choose to focus on things that make me happy and not dedicate too much time to grinding my teeth over the stupidity of our current president. I just hope enough Americans wake the hell up and get this man out of office for the sake of all of us.




Anonymous said...

Nice to hear from you! Hope you're well. Follow you with a feed reader so as not to miss your posts.

You are correct about this being the most critical election ever. It will decide the direction of the country-
if it survives as we know it.

Terrapod said...

Gaius - welcome back, not reading your on occasion left a hole in my world view . And yes, most decidedly let this president be a one termer and all his works be reversed when it is found he has been totally illegitimate to the station.

Anonymous said...

Lazarus you are back. Good to see you again. I enjoyed your perspective on the political scene. As a political junkie, I too wonder what it will take for politicians to work together for the common good of the country. Don't believe it will happen anytime soon though. When you have a group that freely ceded their votes before the election to the obamanation of desolation without getting anything in return for their votes that group becomes owned by their political party.

If you use facebook please search on EBT and Obama. Between rage and crying it will be an eye opener.

Again, glad you are back.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you again!
Haven't had the stomach to watch the DNC, but from the reports I see, it's a truly mind-boggling display of childish that is presented by the MSM as sober and serious.
If this charlatan is re-elected, our proud and noble Republic will die.

Rue St. Michel said...

I hear ya, Brother. I went on a 6 month tirade on the blog back in 2008 and I felt it did no good.

I've definitely slowed up on the blogging because it's just too damned depressing watching friends and family check out mentally when deciding whether or not to vote for a big-government-liberal.

The results of his policies are all around us in a scorched earth campaign that he created in order to de-industrialize the US.

I've decided to engage more face to face in my neighborhood and work on the local races as much as possible. I feel like Romney will win, and win big but it is pathetic that a man like Obama was even able to garner the WH as easily as he did.

The Lord works in mysterious ways, and I remain hopeful that this catastrophe of a presidency was what was needed to Wake Us Up to where we were starting to go.

God bless you and hurry back!


Anonymous said...

Ah, a breath of fresh air! Just by chance I was running through my bookmarks and thought I'd give you a try and I'll be a monkey's uncle, here you are! I'm glad you
are well, it's sort of odd, but after you read a blog long enough you feel like you know the writer. You are a must read every day now, I enjoy your insight and attention to detail.

Our country is a deep load of shit and we need people like you to help spread the word.

Be well, go forth and stimulate the economy!

Your faithful reader