Friday, October 26, 2012

Obama Supporters: The Clear Devolving or Degenerating of the Human Mind.

I understand that ranting rarely changes individual minds. No matter how passionate I may be about an issue once someone has created their own narrative for why they like something or support something that becomes hard wired.

If it were possible to truly change someone’s perspective on something in an instant then frankly we would all be totally screwed. More of us would be engrossed in cults or cultish behaviors, easily prone to fads, able to fool easily; someone could read one thing and form instant opinions on that subject. Just a glancing view at something could hook you, the cliché “don’t judge a book by its’ cover” would be meaningless, right?
We would hear hollow declarations like “Hope” and we would become enthralled.  

Folks I am seriously confused. I have done more reading of Obama fans, potential Obama voters, lifelong Democrats in discussion forums; website comments section etc and I truly don’t understand how anyone could possible or logically steadfast support Obama.
I can see you saying I’m not sure about that Romney guy, he look creepy; I don’t like his stance on “whatever.” But to actually try and defend Obama, especially if you don’t have any financial or personal connection to the dude is puzzling to say the least.
Black folks silly infatuation with him I kind of get, black folks have been kicked around so mentally some will find any thread of self-esteem even if it is in the wrong place or invested in the wrong person. I don’t get star struck ever, frankly the only person if I could sit and talk to for an extended period of time would be Thomas Sowell.

I’m kind of fascinated by the Obama worship. The willingness of people to put his bumper sticker on their nice new car or Facebook “I like Obama” pages, people actually bragging that they are going to support him, again despite his obvious incompetence is amusing to say the least.
Folks I’m fascinated by this from a human perspective. Not comparing Obama to Hitler but I understood Hitler’s popularity he was an infectious dude, but Obama hardly not even a little bit.

Now as for Romney, if you read my old comments on Romney it is clear I was not a big fan of his and frankly I thought the GOP made a horrendous mistake for not grooming a better candidate long ago. I will admit that I have some reservations about Romney but the one thing I don’t doubt is he will “try” to do what is best for America as a whole and will not make the presidency about himself or his legacy as Obama has tried to do.

Obama is one of the most intellectually dishonest politicians I have ever witnessed. He is as arrogant a man in the White House as I can imagine. I’ve said a million times I truly don’t understand the attraction or the infatuation and most who say they support him know so little about him.
The other things I keep reading are apparently that white people are still being bullied by the thought of not supporting him even though he has been a complete failure.
I don’t get it, if you worked for or with someone as incompetent, silly, clearly unqualified who screwed up day by day and would or could lie as easily and effortlessly as Obama does the average person would not have anything to do with such an individual.

Folks I’m a lone rogue blogger taking my free time to share my opinion. I don’t have a dog in the race in so much that regardless of who wins my life won’t change very much if at all. Will still be broke, kind of a recluse, living as simplistic a life as I can have at this point in my life, but if Obama wins a second term many people who are a hell of a lot worse off than me will be screwed and many of these people are his fans and fawning followers.
This almost reminds me of a woman in an abusive marriage, she stays because she has nowhere to go, she has been brainwashed to think that her current existence is the only existence.
I have actually had conversations with people, who believe that their monetary existence hedges on whether or not Obama continues as president totally oblivious of the fact that no matter what he can only serve one more term anyway.

All of the material I have just below I kept on top because if people found me somehow I wanted to make it very simple for the seemingly logical, open minded individual to understand that what we have in this piece of crap president is unprecedented and I am serious when I say if Obama were white, there is no way he would have been allowed near the White House.

I felt kind of bad recently when talking to a little kid and he said something positive about Obama and in one way I was actually pleased that he even gave a crap about that, but on the other hand I feel so bad in light of his presidency are those young black kids who looked up to him in many ways or the old school black folks who did feel some sense of accomplishment or unity because of his presidency.

My brother who I love dearly was a big supporter of Obama’s. In fact he still has the Time Magazine cover proudly displayed in his home and my brother is very particular about what goes up on his wall.

We were conversing and I showed him much of the material on my blog, after explaining in great detail many aspects about Obama he never even though about exploring and the look on his face was kind of like a kid discovering a dark secret about one of his parents.

However keep in mind my brother rarely gives his opinion on something and is far from the star struck type but you could see the wheels turning. Did I change his mind in any meaningful way, no, but he did listen to me because I was his little brother and he loves me.
He also was thinking about our brother who passed away and he was as big an Obama hater as I am. My oldest brother and I were in lock step in the red flags that surfaced when Obama started his climb and we both were a little more than embarrassed how black people blindly followed him.

It is funny how much we have devolved; take me for instance my first red flag regarding Romney was him being a Mormon. I will be honest for the longest time that was my biggest issue because of something I experienced as a kid involving Mormons. Something so innocuous (maybe not so much) as someone religion would cloud my thinking about someone when in fact I know far more Catholics who are equally as abhorrent and offensive or as racist as any Mormon.

Why am I voting for Romney, because he is not Obama, far from it, in fact Obama clearly does not like him and frankly that is a selling point for me.

While Romney will do some things that will make us conservative types cringe from time to time I believe he will basically do what is right in the end but one thing I know he won’t do is bow to some idiot bastard dictator. Only a fool bows to those who are not their equal.

I don’t understand the support for Obama because at the core he is not someone who represents America proudly. He is an unabashed embarrassment and anyone foolish enough to get on a forum and proudly outline what they perceive are his accomplishments simply are not rational.

I get left wing bloggers support of him, many have access to him, his top staff and or the White House which they will never get under a Republican president not to mention the money that flows in to left wing blogs and news organizations from Obama’s money machine. Without that support there is no way this election would even be close.

The funny thing is if Romney wins we on the right, those that truly give a shit about the country at large, will hold up a microscope on Romney’s administration and scrutinize it as much as we did Obama’s. That is what we do, that is the difference between individuals who put the person or “a” person over the “Office of the presidency.”

Again if you found your way to this blog somehow and are reading this and you are confident enough in your support and potential vote for Obama, feel free however in doing so how will you ever reconcile his colossal failures with your own values.

When your kids fail do you provide options or solutions or do you come up with excuses?

Are you the type of parent when you kids screws up do you blame the teacher?

When you kid screws up do you blame video games or society at large?

After you vote for Obama how do you feel? Don’t say good because that is bullshit.
To many of you Obama is like the crazy uncle who screws shit up but you love him anyway because he after all is family.
Black people cling to this ridiculous notion that Obama’s dark skin makes him one of “us” His presidency has been a painful lesion for many and the fact that so many are clinging on to the bandwagon frankly to me is a sad play on the society in which we live.

Obama; so many lies, so many broken promises, and so many red flags that if people paid attention we could have avoided him in the first place.

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