Monday, October 29, 2012

“Reprehensible:” Is how I could describe those who could STILL support this coward ass president… Obama

This is a piece by Neal Boortz and as each day passes and each day the media and Obama’s supporters pretend that the death of Americans due to terrorism does not matter, it makes me ill. Read the rest link at bottom.
 This morning my sense of absolute disgust is in full bloom … disgust at this hopeless failure of a man currently occupying the White House, and disgust at the bulk of the Washington and New York press corps (Press corpse to Obama) protecting him and working to boost his reelection chances.
If you haven’t been paying attention to the Benghazi story, it’s probably a waste of time for me to try to catch you up here … and if you’ve been watching the broadcast networks, CBS, NBC and ABC or CNN … then it can’t be said that you’ve been paying attention.  These so-called news outlets have only been covering enough of this story to avoid being viewed as completely worthless and biased.
There are some stories linked below that you can read to catch you up to speed.  You can also try to find a rerun of that special they had on Fox News Channel over the weekend which detailed this situation very nicely.  It is no wonder that proggies and the Obama myrmidons absolutely HATE Fox News Channel.
Let me just to put what I believe the truth is here … you may believe otherwise, and if you’ve spent the time I have following this story your version may be as valid as mine.  You just read and compare
We’ll handle this in bullet points:
  • Obama incessantly spikes the “I got bin Laden” ball at the Democrat convention.
  • A number two Al Qaeda operative gets nailed by a drone.
  • Al Qaeda decides to teach Obama and America a lesson, and plans a terrorist attack to coincide with the 11th anniversary of the Islamic attack on America.
  • Monday evening, 9/11/12, Ansar Al Sharia attacks our consulate in Benghazi.  Some say they are trying to kill our Ambassador, Chris Stevens, others say they were trying to capture him so that they could then negotiate a trade for the Blind Sheik. 
  • The White House is notified of the attack within two hours.  There are reports that the entire attack was being watched live in the White House situation room.
  • Obama says that he ordered the Defense Department and the CIA to do everything possible to save the lives of our people in that consulate.  We don’t find out about this alleged order until three weeks after the attack.  Personally, I don’t believe the order was ever given.
  • If the order was actually given Defense Secretary Leon Panetta ignored it when he ordered American troops to “stand down.”  Americans were dying on the ground, but Panetta didn’t have enough information to send in the troops.
  • Two Navy Seals apparently disobeyed orders and went to the rescue of the Americans in the consulate.  They both died.  While there they were “painting” a mortar position being used by Islamists to attack the consulate with a laser, and calling for that position to be taken out.  Our military didn’t act.
  • Obama had outsourced the security for the consulate to a group called The 17th of February Martyr’s Brigade, an offshoot of Ansar Al Sharia, the very group that was attacking the consulate.
  • There were drones circling over the attack as it was going on.  We can’t learn whether or not these drones were armed.
  • There were AC130U gunships available that could have been on the scene in under an hour.  They were not used.
  • The morning after the attack Obama speaks to the press and blames the attack on the video.  He claims that he referred to the attack as a terrorist attack at that time.  The transcript shows that he did not.
  • As soon as Obama makes his statement to the media blaming the attack on the video he heads to the second floor of the White House to pack for his trip to Las Vegas for a fund raiser.
  • For the next two weeks the Obama junta relentlessly pushes the idea that this attack was a spontaneous attack because of an amateur video about Islam.  He continues with this line even while the interim president of Libya is telling the world that it was planned by an offshoot of Al Qaeda .. nothing spontaneous about it.
  • Obama sends his UN Ambassador Susan Rice out to push this completely made-up “video” scenario, knowing it was false.
  • Obama even goes before the General Assembly of the United Nations and shares his “it was the video” story with the world.  At that time he absolutely knew it was a planned attack from Ansar Al Sharia.
  • Three weeks after the attack we see the emails that made a lie out of virtually everything Obama had been saying about the attack  
  • In the meantime the dominant elements of the ObamaMedia are dutifully conveying the “it was the video” line so as not to harm the reelection chances of the president they promoted with no vetting in 2008.
I strongly feel that Obama made a cold and calculated decision while the consulate was still on fire that he had to do everything he could to keep the American voters from realizing that this was a pre-planned and organized Al Qaeda attack on the anniversary of 9/11.  If the American people understood this it would destroy his “I got bin Laden and Al Qaeda is on the run” story.


and this:

BEYOND IMPEACHMENT: Obama Treasonous over Benghazi, Roger L. Simon writes. “If the worst aspects of Benghazi are conclusively proven to be true, Benedict Arnold may prove to be a piker in comparison.”


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You do not stand alone. There exists a ground swell of others who feel like you.

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