Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Vindication!!! Obama Destroys a Party!

I love when I am right, my consolation on Obama’s victory in 2008 was that his presidency will be so fucked up that he would personally destroy his party and look what we have a historical election result.
The other this will be is he will implode, unlike President Clinton who used his brains to reshape his presidency Obama will not frankly because he is not that fucking bright and is an arrogant bastard. If the Democrat Party is to save itself they must gag him and hog tie him politically and force him to keep his fucking mouth shut and lay low to allow the party to regroup for 2016.
The other thing the party needs to do is replace Debbie Wasserman Schultz and gag her because she is the dumbest most bombastic politician in the country and she makes the party look dumber than they already are. Humble advice for Democrats, ignore at their own peril.  

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Anonymous said...

So very true my friend. Obama really does seem to be living in his own little universe. Everything that he has touched has turned to shit over the last 6 years and he is not afraid to continue to move forward with his "policies".

Be well